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ID 306917

Hakki Altuntaş

ID 278576

Onder Vincent Koc


CEO and Founder @loophole , Worked at BBH & Other Ad Agencies. Advising on Marketing and Big-Data/Analytics Startups. Studying @harvard-university

ID 346462

Enrike Nurmammadov

Founder @eepay • Studied at @firat-university

ID 311269

Baran Dilber

Founder @grupanya

ID 332427

aybars badur

Good small team leader, experienced python developer

ID 387889

Umur Kontacı

Full Stack Developer, JS Ninja, Sysadmin for himself, worked with AngularJS since v1.0. Early team member at @togethera, formerly worked at @philip-morris

ID 121315

Onur Alp Soner

Founder @countly. Full stack developer. Currently in a close relationship with Node.js and MongoDB.

ID 408854

Gürhan ŞEN

Gürhan ŞEN CO Founder IPTV WebTv - MobilTv - SmartTv - OttTv Media-Production-Software-Technology ISTANBUL/TURKEY web : -

ID 670813

Sönmez Kartal

I am a computer science enthusiast. I am a full stack minded developer. I have two years of DevOps experience.

ID 406152

Cem Hurturk


Co-founder at and Founded and sold to SMTP, Inc.

ID 79364

Emre Sokullu

Bogazici (Turkey) dropout, founded & sold Turkix at the age of 21, came to the US for an internship at @princeton-university,, wrote for RWW, founded @grou-ps

ID 45123

Aydın Ülfer

I'm a software developer, who coded in multiple languages. Currently working at I'm enjoying NYC as much as I can.

ID 3892

Gercek Karakus

Product Architect with engineering and design background.

ID 112442

Erman Taylan

PM and Writer @webrazzi • ex Cofounder at Emanova Digital • Worked @turkcell, @bilende @tart-new-media • Studied at @istanbul-bilgi-university-1, @kad-r-has-university

ID 547626

Alper Kanat

Full Stack Developer. Worked at Huawei, GROU.PS, and Butigo. Quick learner & perfectionist.

ID 119366

Süleyman Çalık

iOS developer • Workes at @wallit, @keyfruit • Studied at @gebze-institute-of-technology

ID 546847

Gürkan OLUÇ

Lead Software Developer at LoyaltyLion

ID 319275

Mücahit Yılmaz

An Internet guy. Also, Web Engineer, Software Developer, Social Media Enthusiast, Start-Up Lover, RIA Addict, Social Network Liker.

ID 92612

Ozer Dolekoglu

Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.

ID 5614

Oguz Serdar

Co-founder of @limk. Self taught, full-stack developer since he was 14. Formerly writer for @the-next-web. Judge @startupchile. @rockstart alumni.

ID 67748

Emre Eren

Founder of SambaPOS. Developing software for more than 15 years and working on SambaPOS project for 3 years.

ID 178358

Adnan Veysel Ertemel (PhD)

Founder @whom2go @persona(2003-) • Computer Engineer with PhD in Marketing, Worked at @turkcell, @telenity •Digital MR'g&Lean Instructor @bahcesehir-university

ID 236986

Arif B.


Founder @limocell, @arfsoft • Investor @limocell

ID 163179

Babak Ghazvehi

Founder @dotware-technologies • Studied at @amirkabir-university-of-technology

ID 305205

Halil Köklü

Team builder and techical leader. Head of Ecommerce Tech @broadmargins. Once @koding. Ex-CTO @namshi.

ID 194172

Cagan Senturk


Columbia MS in CS;Worked at;Launched several startups.

ID 362611

Ali Oral

Founder of Poucher. Bahcesehir Comp Engineering, Stanford Summer Session Student. Entrepreneur to be. Backend Hacker.

ID 413868

Joseph Shomali

Gaming industry experience of over 10 years. Co-founded 3 gaming companies. Skills include startup, BI, production, product, development, and art.

ID 181325

M.Gökay Borulday

Co-Founder of Giysicini. I am a tech-freak.

ID 312880

Çağatay Yüksel

Founder @koinim • Worked at @koding, @rocket-internet, @markafoni • Studied at @istanbul-technical-university

ID 97167

Ufuk Kayserilioglu

A physics PhD turned polyglot software developer and CTO at @enkuba Technologies

ID 593741

Ugur Bastug

Founder @quickup • Studied at @stanford-university, @koc-university

ID 514797

Erdinç Akkaya

Full Stack Developer. Worked at @koding, @markafoni, @positive

ID 171934

Hakan Ilgar

Worked at @wanda-digital, @magiclick • Studied at @istanbul-bilgi-university-1

ID 175224

Burak Kılıç

Founder @finedine Digital Tablet Menu

ID 121038

Muhtarcan Goktas

He is CTO of Boomset

ID 496186

Muge Cevik

Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Graduated from @istanbul-technical-university

ID 284293

Damla Kılıçarslan

Founder & CEO @ Cardino Lead R&D Engineer @ Turk Telekom MSc / BSc Electrical and Computer Engineering

ID 466609

Berk Çebi

ID 177753


Founder @dentaydin-iau-faculty-of-dentistry • Studied at @iaukampus

ID 550197

Onur Bulut Mutlu

ID 611629

Deniz Hacıali

Founder • Studied at @kingston University London, @Istanbul Kultur University

ID 221791

Demircan Celebi

Former front-end dev. JS lover. Student @bogazici-university. I love programming and try to get better at it.

ID 195931

Can Karatoprak

Co-Founder @youlike

ID 468633

Yigit Genc

Full-stack developer. Worked at, SocialWire and BeFunky.

ID 634477

Eren Tantekin

Worked at @put-io • Studied at @sabanci-university

ID 195333

Anil Can Baykal

Founder @nomad-commerce • Worked at @pozitron • Studied at @bogazici-university, @university-of-bordeaux-1-science-technology

ID 534718

Berkant AYDIN

Working at @markafoni. First Turkish BBMMORPG Developer

ID 252942

Murat Uğur Kurt

Co-Founder, Clover Game Studio

ID 675810

Dogan Dalyan

Android developer, has a start-up experience, ready to relocate

ID 742130

Kenan Memis

A 3+ year Senior RoR Developer also an Electrical & Electronics Engineer. Passionate for new web technologies and a hard working guy.

ID 210711

Baris Gumustas

Worked at @itemology • Studied Computer Science at @istanbul-technical-university University • Studying Industrial Design at @istanbul-technical-university, @istanbul-university

ID 725816

Emrullah Yazlı

Working at @oblogi

ID 281441

Ahmet Karalar

Studied Chemical Engineering but working as an iOS Dev with an eye for design. Likes to work at startups because it's more fun.

ID 145824

Levent Ahmet Sevgili

Founder @lastmoon-games • Worked at @t-bitak-mam-c2tech, @agena-bst • Studied at @software-engineering-1

ID 195379

Onur Ak

ID 847571

Barış Palaska

Bogazici EE / Management. Launched 2 Android apps, have interest in Big Data analytics. Fast learner, team worker

ID 127954

Berk Taner

Entrepreneur / Researcher / Challenge Guy, MSc. in CS / Jack of all Trades

ID 165045

Ahmet Emre Aladağ

Studied at @carleton-university, @bogazici-university

ID 210610

Demirhan Aydin

Worked at @itemology • Studying Management Information Systems at @bogazici-university University

ID 684988

Irmak Cakmak

ID 156051

Oğuzhan YILMAZ

Founder MaestroPanel, Software Developer, Hosting Automation

ID 140243

Turan Konan

Software Engineer

ID 95840

Taner Yildirim

Co-founder of @gonnasphere. Entrepreneur, Musician, DJ and Computer Engineer. Mass producer.

ID 9468

Furkan Cengiz

Bilkent CS Alumn. Managing Partner and co-founder of Studio Nord

ID 683168

Fatih Caglar

Bilkent CS, Python Web Developer

ID 117912

Burak Volkan Coskun

Founder/CEO of Walk-in Apps, Inc. Worked at @fidelity-invesments, @hunt-oil • Studied at @midwestern-state-university

ID 200473

Murat Biskin

Studied at @anadolu-university

ID 465795

Onur Yaman

Full Stack Engineer. MSc in Software Engineering from Bogazici University.

ID 148460

Seyfi Aslangeçinen

Web Developer

ID 182492

Erdi Yerebasmaz

Worked at @huawei • Studied at @royal-institute-of-technology, @yeditepe-university

ID 99113


ID 292605

Cem Gencer

frontend ninja w/ some backend history, jquery, node.js, ios

ID 284136

Ilgaz Sumnulu

Founder and CTO of Fikrimuhal Teknolojiler

ID 126401

Sarp Erdag

iOS Developer and Entrepreneur. Founder of @apperto. Developer of @piclab and @vidlab-video-editor

ID 292646

Emre Turan

Founder @kahve-falmania • Worked at @triodor-r-d, @hunite • Studied at <a data-type='NewTag' data-id='80112'>@istanbul-university BİLGİ</a>, @istanbul-university

ID 798144

Atilla Genç

Bilkent CS, Software Engineer

ID 133791

Cetin Yilmaz

ID 445609

Aykut Bal

Bilkent CS, 2 years Microsoft Experience, Full Stack dev, has startup

ID 303954


ID 272565

Mehmet Yaman

istanbul un 2003 cs, bahcesehir uni mba, worked @CGM,@sony ,@telenity ,@Jforce, self starter, believing to success and passionate entrepreneur

ID 162693


• Studied at @istanbul-technical-university

ID 790127

Emin ŞİT

Studen at Marmara University, Full Stack developer at Dominant software.

ID 377748

Melih Yasin Yalcin

Game Developer @ESC Mobile. MsC student @istanbul-technical-university University,

ID 91114


Founder @eviniz, @baytuk • Studied at @istanbul-technical-university

ID 626748

Raşit Tahtacı

Boğaziçi University, Management Information Systems

ID 276815

Suleyman Melikoglu

Founder @zulamobile

ID 524104

Mustafa Altun

ID 715342

Ömer Faruk Gül

Computer Engineer from Boğaziçi University, Louvre Digital

ID 312879

Mehmet Melih Karcı

Founder @koinim, @cokhos-1 • Worked at @rocket-internet • Studied at @istanbul-technical-university

ID 739984

Bulen Kazanci

ID 471176

Alperen İNAL

Working at Egemsoft on BigData Projects

ID 727444

Sabri Eker

CS, 5 years experienced at Enterprise Software Development,Strong Relations,Good Team Member,Personal trait of braveness, result-oriented, BJK&Çarşı

ID 162204

Aydin Han

Software Engineer at AppMonsta. Worked at Koc University Artificial Intelligence Lab.

ID 471890

Halil Bilir

MSc student at Bogazici, Front-end technical lead at Turkcell.

ID 307296

Caner Türkmen

head of #analytics @exa_tech, MS #software eng'g student @UniBogazici, @Fenerbahce fan, #BigData, #SportsAnalytics

ID 347587

Durul Dalkanat

Freelance writer, podcaster, blogger, Thinker, editor, support supervisor. digital musician, runner, ios developer, windsurfer, photographer

ID 397115

Doğan Cem Gündüz

Bachelor and master degree at computer science and engineering worked at, available for new opportunities.

ID 714449

Ugur Acar

METU CS, Full Stack Web and Mobile Application Developer, Evangelist in High Tech especially in Brain Computer Interfaces, MS Cognitive Science 2014

ID 686261

Cihan Avci

R&D Engineer at ISRA Vision. Worked at Turkcell. Studied in Sabanci University & Berlin Technical University. Highly motivated. Driven.

ID 284336

Fatih Kaplan

Developed 20+ Android apps for banks, cable providers, GSM companies and more.

ID 465498

İbrahim Ümit Akgün

writing a embedded operating system

ID 115152

Ekim Yardımlı

ID 5336

Dimitar Manevski

Co-founder and CTO @parlakbirgelecek-com

ID 867763

ismail kelebek


ID 578683

Ekrem Büyükkaya

Full stack developer & designer. I have worked as lead developer in startups. I am also co-founder of Trilby, an anonymous private network.

ID 131077

Burak Çelebi

Software Developer

ID 46031

Can Erdoğan

Founder @sosyal-gazete, @wopsy • Worked at @h2b-internet-technologies, @efabrika

ID 193012

Enes Tanrıöver

Enterpreneur and Web/Mobile Developer

ID 255087

Jamil Najafov

Jedi Analyst & Developer. Studied CompEng @Gazi. Launched ProteinGuru and developed PaperFetch. Currently developing distributed high-load bulk SMS services for

ID 743505

Umutcan Önal

Backend Developer and Data Enginneer, Built end to end data analysis infrastructure for a socical games.

ID 132876

Can Soysal

Freelance iOS & Android Developer

ID 165861

İbrahim Yılmaz

MSc Student @galatasaray-university. Founder, Solid Engineering Background • Studied at @ege-university,

ID 217741

Emir Alp

BAU Visual Communication Design; Worked at, Workaxe, Refocus

ID 392445

Aytuğ Köse


ID 510204

Cemal Duman

Phd Student at Halic University, Strong technical background and rapidliy developing business background

ID 532031

Alparslan Avci

Object-Oriented Architect, Senior Java Developer. Worked on large-scale and enterprise distributed systems. Loves to contribute open-source projects.

ID 471673


Worked at Microsoft, METU graduate. Implemented a brand new algorithm for graph partitioning ( academic work ). Interested in startups, mainly game development.

ID 137180

Murat Hacıoğlu

@istanbul-technical-university University Computer Eng, iOS developer ,Objective C,Xcode, HTML5 Cocos2d Html5 Library,HTML5 Sencha Touch, Java, JSF, JBoss, Tomcat-Apache PHP, C++

ID 120259

Cenk Dölek

Hybrid Designer. Can design and code.

ID 557750

Erdem İlker Şen

Ios developer in istanbul.

ID 73373

Gökmen Görgen

Worked at Markafoni, founder of Radity GmbH, Pythonista, Djangonaut, Android developer

ID 771800

Cagatay Arslan

We have development team with various skills. We are looking for development projects.

ID 547653

Mustafa Berberoğlu

ID 488579

Yusuf Karaozan

Worked at @eepay

ID 492891

Adem Cayir

Mobile developer, Hacker, Web developer. Several games for j2me, blackberry, android, applet

ID 686283

Yunus Emre Uluçay

Open for new ideas and innovative. Love to research.

ID 525178

Hakan Kaynar


ID 162866

İ. Emre Kutlu

Rails Developer

ID 371476

Saygin Topkaya

Telecommunications experience, C# & .NET expert, mobile development enthusiastic

ID 269061

İbrahim Sandallı

Software Developer at @gerger-1 • Studied at @galatasaray-university

ID 259509


Program Manager at Amadeus who has a development background, Well-Organized and Hard-Working Individual

ID 211705


Big data Engineer, Java/ Python Developer, Contributors to some Apache Software Foundation projects.

ID 472853

Alper Tekin

Mobile Application Developer

ID 311595

Kerem Kusmezer

ID 421851

Çağdaş Kurultay Kalkan

CEO of Dominox Studio. Founder of Unikolay.

ID 743748

Midori Kocak

Coding enthusiast, cakephp lover, php developer

ID 51042

Aybars Badur

python developer

ID 755599

Nazlım Bölük

ID 419482

Serdar Senol

Studied at @danmarks-techniske-universitet High Language and Communication Skills (Turkish, English, Danish, Russian) Ambitious and Hardworking

ID 472926

Aras Cagli

CTO Concept Imago

ID 146080

Muhammet Sahin

Founder @mquarez, Fastcus • Studied at @erciyes-university

ID 87227

Kaan Tz

Co-Founder @veslabs

ID 257000

Dinçer Karaduman

Api designer, web service implementer, Mathematics Engineer

ID 45589

Furkan Tunalı

Web Developer & UI Designer. Wannabe entrepreneur.

ID 75339

Berk Tatlises

ID 541605

Yigit KULA

I'm an experienced and passionate developer from Istanbul, Turkey.

ID 139544

Çağlar Araz

Founder @wiky-me, @satbaba-1 • Worked at @baba-giri-im-1, @smartpage-me • Studied at @fatih-university

ID 178034


Founder @sorarlar, @eftal-gezer-blog • Worked at @baba-giri-im-1

ID 533686

Muhammed Medeni Baykal

Launched lots of Windows 8 apps, developed mobile sites for 2 major newspaper in Turkey.

ID 696875


ID 878250

Mesut Talebi

Worked on ecommerce, e-learning and cms and many other softwares, Also researched on comment mining on facebook to identify age, gender and education level

ID 415355

Can Taşcı

Software engineer at Portalgrup.

ID 82217

Fatih Dönmez

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Gym Addict

ID 86564

M. Ali Altiparmak

engineer, art lover, foodie

ID 491593

Talha Ocakçı

Good at Spring, Hibernate - all stack Java technologies, RDBMS solutions. Developer of 2 Android Applications

ID 630963

Ergun Kocak

Freelance Native iOS & Android Development

ID 134743


Founder Uniborn, Şarz • Worked at @mappiness, @copypanthers • Studied at @istanbul-kultur-university

ID 286946

Orhan Bag

Entrepreneur Businessman, has Experience and a Wide Range of Professional Network of International Trade and Business, for over 24 years,

ID 403685

Eralp Karaduman

Polymath, software developer, game designer, 3D & 2D artist

ID 696851

Ali Balcı

Softwre engineer, MVC web developer

ID 597642

Tugberk Ugurlu

Microsoft MVP, Book Author, Big Data, Open Source Software Lover, HTTP Maniac

ID 464707

özgür yarıkkaş

ID 642597

Mahmoud Abou-Eita

endless fights against life slavery.

ID 734629

Emre Çakal

Emre ÇAKAL, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Student of Bulent Ecevit University.

ID 600235

Ahmet Emre

Front-End Developer Markafoni September 2010 – Present Istanbul, Turkey

ID 428220

Hüseyin Dereli

ID 616108

Ersoy Pembe

Koc University Computer Engineering - Back end developer at mobile and web projects.

ID 886634

Ayse Gökmen

Worket at Sungard, Sydney, Thales and Infina

ID 547641

Barış Güler

ID 133106

Abdullah Dagli

Founder of BordoBT, Android Developer, Adobe Flex Developer, Java, PHP Developer

ID 494365

Mustafa Özcan

CEO & Founder at

ID 788358


Head of Software Development

ID 791109

Murat Yildirim

Karadeniz Technical University, Hands-on Python Experience, Open source enthusiast

ID 631149

Atakan Öz

Developer and designer at Themeforest. Strong referances , lots of portfolio. 4-years of experience. Available for custom projects and work remotely.

ID 777105

Mert Neşvat

ID 711315

Muhammet Mustafa Çalışkan

dont do nothing so far.

ID 481617

Coskun Tasdemir

Firmware guy

ID 65438

Can Candan

I have 14 years experience in software development industry, worked on two startups as chief architect. I have worked as developer, architect, project manager.

ID 391699

Hadi Tok

ID 173006

Erol Soyöz

Coder, Enterpreneur, Founder of @sosyalog

ID 889582

Emre Kayan

Computer Engineer from Istanbul Technical University. Back End Developer at Gamegos

ID 101469

Gökhan Besen

Service design, user centered design, usability, Product of 4p.

ID 223545


ID 104723

Ismail Baskin

test my bio profile

ID 387473


Launched one successful CRM tool

ID 216390

Cem Kafadar

ID 387917


Front End Developer

ID 189389

Hikmet Ergün

Computer Engineer

ID 63107

Kerem Durmus

Developer / Co-founder @screenfunk.

ID 196198

Derviş Cemal Ögünç

ID 308458

Cengiz Bilgic

ID 334535

Rıfat erdem Şahin

launced many scalable applications, passionate about software architecture

ID 354874

Timu Eren

Scalability is my personal interest, i like to work on big web site projects for big traffic and great problems

ID 274407

Eren CAN

Founder of Pluwy, Frond-end developer and UI/IX Designer

ID 221028

Halil İbrahim Kalyoncu

Working on it

ID 362837

Basil Mostafa

Android Applications Developer

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