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ID 501319

Egehan Gürcan


ID 598015

Ali Yılmaz

3+ years of iOS experience. Apps on App Store: 5+ years of web experience both backend and frontend. PHP, Python, Django, Mysql, jQuery, CSS.

ID 798144

Atilla Genç

Bilkent CS, Software Engineer

ID 882327

Orhan Orhan

Backend software engineer, working at Microsoft MEA

ID 525178

Hakan Kaynar


ID 790127

Emin ŞİT

Studen at Marmara University, Full Stack developer at Dominant software.

ID 120616

Umut Senoglu

Founder&CEO at @showroom34. Analist & Developer & Consultant ERP project at Fashion industry.

ID 5336

Dimitar Manevski

Co-founder and CTO @parlakbirgelecek-com

ID 847571

Barış Palaska

Bogazici EE / Management. Launched 2 Android apps, have interest in Big Data analytics. Fast learner, team worker

ID 524104

Mustafa Altun

ID 743505

Umutcan Önal

Backend Developer and Data Enginneer, Built end to end data analysis infrastructure for a socical games.

ID 686261

Cihan Avci

R&D Engineer at ISRA Vision. Worked at Turkcell. Studied in Sabanci University & Berlin Technical University. Highly motivated. Driven.

ID 292605

Cem Gencer

frontend ninja w/ some backend history, jquery, node.js, ios

ID 534718

Berkant AYDIN

Working at @markafoni. First Turkish BBMMORPG Developer

ID 865416

Ekin Ertaç

I'm (JavaScript, Python, Django) evangelist. Believe in scrum and Agile methodologies, passionate programmer, love design patterns.

ID 889582

Emre Kayan

Computer Engineer from Istanbul Technical University. Back End Developer at Gamegos

ID 696875


ID 362611

Ali Oral

Founder of Poucher. Bahcesehir Comp Engineering, Stanford Summer Session Student. Entrepreneur to be. Backend Hacker.

ID 788358


Head of Software Development

ID 867763

ismail kelebek


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