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ID 92612

Ozer Dolekoglu

Co-Founder of @limk. Building a smarter content marketing platform for future. Part of @startupchile & @rockstart. Obsessed about design, UX - UI.

ID 46361

Mehmet Sen

Co-Founder of People define their own trends around mutual interests with different people.

ID 413641

Hilal Koyuncu

Parsons, UX/UI Designer Front-End Developer, experience in hardware design. Interested in Product Development. Worked(s) at start-ups.

ID 302563

Masood Safdarian


Worked at @stb-media • Investor @the-walt-disney-company, @pixar-animation-studios • Studied at @school-of-visual-arts

ID 316480

Levent Y. İnce

Graphic Designer / Front-end Developer. Working with a variety of clients since 2007. MFA on Cultural and Media Studies.

ID 837061

Tugrul Yuksel

Project Lead at Ucuzbulduk, Fulbright Scholar, CMU MHCI 2014.

ID 266456

Mehmet Subasi


Marketing strategist, speaker with 20 years of management consultancy experience in strategy & marketing

ID 634477

Eren Tantekin

Worked at @put-io • Studied at @sabanci-university

ID 42612

Ant Ekşiler

ex-Deloitte, Lead Front-End Developer @ Nexum, Elite Author @ Themeforest, Founder

ID 812233

Arda Erdogan

ID 145824

Levent Ahmet Sevgili

Founder @lastmoon-games • Worked at @t-bitak-mam-c2tech, @agena-bst • Studied at @software-engineering-1

ID 565391

Berker Sırman

UI & UX designer / illustrator

ID 408854

Gürhan ŞEN

Gürhan ŞEN CO Founder IPTV WebTv - MobilTv - SmartTv - OttTv Media-Production-Software-Technology ISTANBUL/TURKEY web : -

ID 365594

Onur Oztaskiran

Design Lead @udemy. I post stuff about my UI & interaction design work and news related to my #apple & #design addiction.

ID 1936

Erol Ahmed

Craftsman & Culturalist.

ID 89626

Baris Erkol

UX & UI Design -Communicating design ideas through sketches, wireframes & mockups. -Interactive prototyping. -Collaboration with design & engineering team.

ID 123013

Kaan Eryilmaz

ID 305734

Cagdas Unal

I'm a UX Designer who loves clean and sharp interfaces

ID 3892

Gercek Karakus

Product Architect with engineering and design background.

ID 177753


Founder @dentaydin-iau-faculty-of-dentistry • Studied at @iaukampus

ID 496186

Muge Cevik

Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Graduated from @istanbul-technical-university

ID 312537

Gregory C

ID 489711


Aspiring web developer and designer, Visited Google in Mountain View and adored the T-rex and the small gardens.

ID 444948

Evren Özbozdağlı

Art director, currently working at TBWA\ISTANBUL.

ID 271982

Vitan Boranov

User Interface Designer, specialize in designing beautiful and engaging UI for web & mobile.

ID 525908

Caitlin O'Connell

WFU policy and economic research; NYC/international intellectual property legal experience; cloud-based 2FA security startup experience

ID 577112

aysegul pekel

User experience and interface design

ID 683168

Fatih Caglar

Bilkent CS, Python Web Developer

ID 92009

Volkan Ölmez

Founder @grid-2, Kat • Studied at @istanbul-bilgi-university-1

ID 293351

Kudret Keskin

#Dreamer . #Curious . #Designer . #Startups . #ui . #ux - @adphorus . @PublikTR . @cevaptv . @t24comtr . @psdboard

ID 46699

Ömer Balyalı

ID 686261

Cihan Avci

R&D Engineer at ISRA Vision. Worked at Turkcell. Studied in Sabanci University & Berlin Technical University. Highly motivated. Driven.

ID 75775

Cemre Pacun

Managing partner @ A boutique design agency based in Istanbul.

ID 491667

Haluk Çetin

ID 120259

Cenk Dölek

Hybrid Designer. Can design and code.

ID 398603

Şahan Eken

Designed over 20+ UI's to mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, WindowsPhone, Symbian. Some brands worked with: FOX Turkey, Dogus YG (NTVSpor, NTVHava, KRALTV ...), Ticket Turkey, Dakick, Sahibinden, Mynet, YapıKredi..

ID 483663

Kaan Akın

Grown as an engineer, digital marketeer by experience, startup lover, curious and challenging ideas

ID 865416

Ekin Ertaç

I'm (JavaScript, Python, Django) evangelist. Believe in scrum and Agile methodologies, passionate programmer, love design patterns.

ID 188554

Tahir Yüksel

Work at @innovationbox

ID 626748

Raşit Tahtacı

Boğaziçi University, Management Information Systems

ID 240573

Mehmet Ozkanoglu

Co-founder of BeFunky

ID 619444

Gokhun Guneyhan

A designer focused on startups and mobile products. Co-founder @ Fubio

ID 531659

Kağan Yaldızkaya

UI Designer · Obsessed with UX

ID 107303

Burak Kaynak

Founder @ @playwho // Multi-disciplinary designer, artist and entrepreneur.

ID 347587

Durul Dalkanat

Freelance writer, podcaster, blogger, Thinker, editor, support supervisor. digital musician, runner, ios developer, windsurfer, photographer

ID 109875

Sarp Şık

Co-Founder @Eduking

ID 864456

Isil Guzey

Worked at Ericsson and Vodafone

ID 574000

Muharrem Şenyıl

I am a self-taught Web/Mobile Designer. I have a passion for good design, usability and clean interface.

ID 715201


Interactive Art Director - UI/UX Designer - Mobile Designer

ID 833110

ozgur ablak

ID 606260

Emin Kymc

ID 832747


14 years of strong, hands on lead roles as a Marketing Manager and Creative Director who has worked in Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey.

ID 751215

Selcuk Yilmaz


ID 45589

Furkan Tunalı

Web Developer & UI Designer. Wannabe entrepreneur.

ID 631149

Atakan Öz

Developer and designer at Themeforest. Strong referances , lots of portfolio. 4-years of experience. Available for custom projects and work remotely.

ID 274407

Eren CAN

Founder of Pluwy, Frond-end developer and UI/IX Designer

ID 547754

Kıvılcım Kökbil

Worked at @markafoni

ID 70075

Emir Uckan

Product Business Development Manager

ID 232179

Umut Isbilir

ID 605731

Öncel Cebeci

A designer, an art director, a gamer and a tech savvy from Istanbul, Turkey, with more than 6 years of in depth experience in digital design and agency relations.

ID 101469

Gökhan Besen

Service design, user centered design, usability, Product of 4p.

ID 385447


Web(HTML+CSS+Javascript), Graphic(Logo,Posters,Billboards,Brochures,e-letters), Kinect App, Mobile App (Phone & Tablet), Vizrt Motion Designer and Photographer

ID 447999

Fatma Yazıcı

Art Director,UI Designer, a perfectionalist, worked at various agencies in Istanbul.

ID 696719

Oğuzcan Köse

UI Designer; Worked at Bueno Digital.

ID 87333

ibrahim güvendikler

industrial designer I offer innovation product designs and ideas by creativity that is changeable to profit based on "new".

ID 297046

Özgür Atmaca

ID 93860

Vehbi Öztürk

Founder of Entrepreneur, lean startup, interaction design

ID 670917


iOS Apps, Android Apps, Mobile Apps, Vectors

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