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ID 865416

Ekin Ertaç

I'm (JavaScript, Python, Django) evangelist. Believe in scrum and Agile methodologies, passionate programmer, love design patterns.

ID 600235

Ahmet Emre

Front-End Developer Markafoni September 2010 – Present Istanbul, Turkey

ID 221791

Demircan Celebi

Former front-end dev. JS lover. Student @bogazici-university. I love programming and try to get better at it.

ID 5336

Dimitar Manevski

Co-founder and CTO @parlakbirgelecek-com

ID 42612

Ant Ekşiler

ex-Deloitte, Lead Front-End Developer @ Nexum, Elite Author @ Themeforest, Founder

ID 292605

Cem Gencer

frontend ninja w/ some backend history, jquery, node.js, ios

ID 634477

Eren Tantekin

Worked at @put-io • Studied at @sabanci-university

ID 598015

Ali Yılmaz

3+ years of iOS experience. Apps on App Store: 5+ years of web experience both backend and frontend. PHP, Python, Django, Mysql, jQuery, CSS.

ID 686261

Cihan Avci

R&D Engineer at ISRA Vision. Worked at Turkcell. Studied in Sabanci University & Berlin Technical University. Highly motivated. Driven.

ID 631149

Atakan Öz

Developer and designer at Themeforest. Strong referances , lots of portfolio. 4-years of experience. Available for custom projects and work remotely.

ID 889582

Emre Kayan

Computer Engineer from Istanbul Technical University. Back End Developer at Gamegos

ID 696875


ID 790127

Emin ŞİT

Studen at Marmara University, Full Stack developer at Dominant software.

ID 471890

Halil Bilir

MSc student at Bogazici, Front-end technical lead at Turkcell.

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