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ID 665724

Peter Konhäusner

Founder & CEO of MediaXP, a leading European digital entertainment & lifestyle transmedia group.

ID 724822

Uğur Yenier

ID 549836

münevver toker

Istanbul Technical University, Management Engineer

ID 448904

Hakan Malak

Investor, developer in all real estate functions (residential, hotel, office, retail, logistics) in all real estate development processes (conceptual design to sales and operations)

ID 791219

Uğur Türkyılmaz

BSc. Manufacturing Systems & Industrial Engineering at Sabanci University; Worked at Kuehne + Nagel and Groupon.

ID 865743


just a starter

ID 571947

Erdem Külünk

Sabancı University MBA student. Financial Consultancy Intern at Deloitte. Strong business background.

ID 500573

Erhan Bilici

Master of Finance

ID 475910

Altay Bilgin

Takım elbiseyi seven, ekonomiyle ilgilenen birazda eğlenceli bir insan. Google+ (

ID 883699

Sinan Sonmez

Economics and Business Degree, 2 years experience EY (Ernst & Young) Counsulting

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